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Aircraft PRICES for FSX...mmmmmm.


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Hi: Looking for a good business jet for FSX I found Xtremprototypes business jet airplane for $20 dollars, when similar planes from other developers are around $40 dollars. The Xtremeprototypes plane seems quite complete. Strange... Any comment to help me to understand please.

Thanks, jose

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I can't comment on either plane as I don't know either. However I will ask if you've looked at the File Library on this site? I've found several good airplanes and other items there as freeware.


One Biz jet I like is the Honda Jet, which is freeware under the File Library. And there are lots of others there as well.:cool:

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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I'm almost three years into building a Citation XLS+ that is intended to be high-end in terms of realism.


There are a lot of elements that go into a project like that. The visual model, the avionics, the flight model, and systems modeling. I don't have those planes so I cannot comment on why they might be priced the way that they are. I can tell you that when it comes to the avionics and systems stuff the level of effort goes way up to get something good.

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The XP 20 series is basic when it comes to systems in terms of navigation equipment, that is there is no FMC. Which is as it should be given the early Lears were not equipped with such fancy avionics.


It does have a default-ish GPS, however you cannot drive the autopilot with it.


I rather like it because it forces you to actually fly it as opposed to just programing the FMC and then going along for the ride.


Some people complain about the VC textures (no 2D panel at all) as being a bit basic, yet for the most part I think they look pretty good.


I like the fact that almost all of the VC switches work, even though many are dummy switches that do not really do anything, which allow you to follow pretty accurate procedures.


The plane does have a few minor bugs that were never fixed, seems like most other planes do too.


The price might also reflect the fact that the XP 20 series has been around longer than the others, I think it was closer to $30, or more, when it first came out.


For the money you get three different models, whereas most others only give you one.


I think it is well worth the price and it is the only payware biz jet I have.


Again, if all you want to do is ride along and monitor the FMC, this plane is not for you.



the Bean

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