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saitek panels and X55 not functioning

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So what with TIR5 not working in my reinstall of a vanilla FSx acceleration now my complete Saitek suite isn't functioning!!



Saitek support is next to useless. 'uninstal driver and report back . . blah blah'. . really im not 5 years old Saitek


So guys n girls I have a full Saitek suite around £600 which had worked fine prior to my reinstall


I have the Rhino X55 HOTAS


Saitek panels as follows, Nav com, Console switch and the autopilot panel


Firstly the X55 , on the support page they state 75% sensitivity and 5% null zone. Ive set that but the flight stick is causing some severe sudden movement. all fine and stable and next the stick is pulled right back I haven't touched the stick?. .then its in a full right turn , again haven't touched the stick. The tiny free movement should be disabled with a 5% null zone but its sending huge deflections?


the panels, simply aren't working. The only one that has power is the autopilot but not linking up to FSX. .


I have spent approximately £1500 on pc rig, £500 on ads on and £600 on Saitek kit. All have been working flawlessly for the last year but after forced to carry out a reinstall my fsx is frankly money down the drain. don't even get me on trying now to get two Saitek throttle quadrants to work! only recognises one now


I can confirm there isn't nothing wrong with the pc and powered usb2 hubs. ALL fine!



I guess i need to rid everything Saitek related on my rig and completely reinstall again


can someone give me direction on a complete Saitek removal 'all traces'


I fear this could simply be my FSX days numbered after 4 years of spend and time

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Happy to say I haven't had nearly the bad experience you are suffering through with Saitek products. Just the opposite in fact. However I do have question about your set up. Are you using FSUIPC or a similar aux. feed linker/controller? If so, that might be your problem.


The only time I ever had a problem with any Saitek item, it was cured by removing and re-installing my FSUIPC. And yes, you do need to pay the license fee and get your FSUIPC registered for to have all the available features.


If you're using a similar alternative, I'd suggest you try the same thing before you remove and reinstall all your Saitek stuff. Good Luck!;)

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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I have a full version of fsupic but as mentioned this is a vanilla instal. I had to reinstall fsx from scratch after running the just flight Tonka traing mission and that's when all went wrong.


At present I don't have fsupic installed on a vanilla fsx acceleration instal. I need to get it running ok before I start adding the ad ons etc

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pro flight panels now working had to unplug and rerun the 'launch the flight sim X plug in' vie the 'ALL PROGRAMES menu. .back and firth now with Saitek support trying to get x55 running without spikes on theIR throttles and the two separate Saitek throttle quadrants I had installed.


Nightmare. . neverthess thanks for the advice previous. . hopefully I can work through this

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Hi Rupert. .


my fsx seems to be working all ok now after a significant too and thro between Saitek and myself and to be fair they were both patient and helpful. .


but would be handy and much appreciated if you could send me the details for future about removing and re-installing my FSUIPC. I suspect it may come in handy for another time



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