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MAJOR SOUND problem Please, PLEASE help me!


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So when I was going to prep my MD-11 for my flight to Paris Windows 10 had forced an update on me that took about 1 hour. The problem is that because of the update it had deleted all my settings and so I had to re-do all my setting all over again.


It had messed up the sound board controls and I have NO idea how to control them since Ive had this problem when I first started playing FSX on windows 10 but then I did something to resolve it. I used to play FSX on my macbook pro with bootcamp and I never had problems with the sound it sounded very HD and crisp clear to the ears I was able to understand ATC and listen to all the bells and alarms within the cockpit.


However the win 10 update screwed up my FSX sounds to the point now there is too much bass: The EASIEST way I can describe my current sound situation now is that the sounds in FSX such as engine and wind pretty much all sounds, it sounds VERY DEEP to the point that whenever I talk to ATC it makes the sounds even DEEPER its like the sounds are bland and whatnot.


I have been poking around the Win 10 settings and I have found some of the audio controls that let me choose options for 28-bit ranging from 60000mhz to 11450mhz. Right now im using what I believe 44600mhz but the problem is that I DONT know which one to use so that FSX sounds crisp and HD.


I REALLY want to get rid of the very deep sounds and put it back to the way it was before the stupid update. I had updated all my drivers so thats not a problem but I don't know what setting to use or is there a special kind of way to do it. These sound glitches are making FSX UNPLAYABLE since I cant even understand the ATC. I do remember that it resolved itself about 6 months ago but I cant remember how or why or even how I did it.


Please PLEASE HELP its because of FSX I want to be a pilot and im in aviation college right now :(

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