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What is next step after yoke?

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Hello. Im new to the flightsim forum. I recently started with flightsim and I have a Saitek pro yoke with quadrant throttle. My question is what would the next step be in terms of equipment? I like to fly the PMDG 737 and still learning the basics of it but I want some more equipment at my desk to make the experience more "real". How did you guys expand your "cockpits"? All thoughts and feedback is more then welcome!
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Thanks for your reply, the only bad thing is that none has rudders in stock in Sweden and they don't know when they will be available again :(


You can make your own rudder pedals fairly simply (a nice weekend project!).


Just use a cheap USB joystick, some wood (plenty of that in Sverige!) and some kitchen drawer sliders and you are nearly there!


You can add springs or bungie cord for resistance and self centreing and door hinges can be used for the foot plates (made of wood, plastic or metal).


Download file rcbped.zip from the flightsim.com and search the web for home made flight simulator rudder pedals to see what is possible!


It's fun, you learn something, you know what to do when they go wrong, you can modify them as you use them to get what *you* want and they are cheap too! ;-)


Start simple to get an idea and 'upgrade' if you feel the need to.



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