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Re-sizing for smaller monitor


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Help, please.

I've downloaded and installed a superb Boeing777 panel for FSX designed mainly for a monitor size 1920x1024.

My monitor recommends a maximum of 1280x1024. The panel is somewhat squeezed!!!

What do I have to do to configure the size to more suit my panel and where to do so? Can anyone take me through the steps?

Please be very succinct.


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You are trying to use a panel designed for a widescreen monitor on a 4:3 monitor.


If you can get your monitor to display a widescreen resolution (which I highly doubt) you will end up with black bars on the top and bottom of your screen.


The easiest fix is to find another panel that was designed for a 4:3 monitor.


To fix the panel you have you would have to edit the panel bitmap, losing about a 1/3 of it, and some of the gauges that would go with that real estate.


So your best options are to either find another panel or live with what you have.



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