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FSX-SE No VC just get a Black Box in Stead


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Well i got FSX-SE 5 days ago and had nothing but trouble with it.Most of which has now been sorted.

But the major bug i have is when i launch the game into 5760x1080.

The Virtual Cockpit shows a black screen.If i launch it in 1920x1080 its all fine.

I have 3x23" HP Monitors.

I dont use DirectX 10 ( i have tried it ) Lowerd all my settings to lowest possable and still no VC.

I have spent hours trolling here there and everywhere for an answer with no luck so far and still waiting on dovetail to answer my ticket.

I have also tried both default cockpit views

My set-up is

AMD FX 8350 8 cores at 4ghz.

32gig of ram

Nvidia Geforce GTX760 2000mb

3x23" HP Monitors


Cheers All

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