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SDK is not needed.


TTools can of course still create trafficplans. Just as it used to.

Thing is, the plans TTools creates are FS9-type traffic files.

Problem is, with FS9 type trafficfiles and FSX-type trafficfiles both installed in FSX, only the FS9-type plans show up as traffic in the sim.


There is a program that can convert FS9-type plans to fsx-type. AIFP.

(It can do it vice versa as well.)


Here you can find AIFP. The utility made for FSX.


(Make sure to read the Status/Known Issue's part. Good info.)


AIFP can create traffic files all on its own. And you can choose if you want the result to be a fs9-type plan or fsx-type plan.


If you prefer TTools, that's fine too. Just convert them to FSX type plans afterwards.


All the default FSX traffic is one trafficfile. file: FSX\Scenery\World\Scenery\Trafficaircraft.bgl

So, one fs9 trafficfile, and no more fsx traffic.


There is anoter issue, some airports used in FS9 do not exist in FSX. Or have different locations.

So it is best to use AIFP and convert these files to FSX-type. That fixes these differences.


If you don't want to see default fsx traffic, rename file:




to disable it.



This thread (Warning, it's a long one) mentions some mre tools.




The SDK has a tool that can also be used to convert plans, but I think AIFP is much easier.

The SDK does have some other handy tools, such as Trafficexplorer. This can show you a list of all aircraft that are loaded at the time. With that you can see in an instant if the plan you just installed is showing up.


Happy flights.

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