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Update fsx navaids ?


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At the moment I navigate direct with gps and do vor nav with charts and approach plates. I am running into problems with incorrect frequencies as well as missng vor's. I have been researching how this might be done. I found the Navigraph website and it appears that those updates are only good for fms not gps. What can be used for gps? Do these updates include airport data like ils freq ?


I did find another site hosted by Herve Sors. It looks like this might be used for the default fsx planes with gps.


Do add on planes with fms use the same navaid files as the default planes?


Finally, I am wondering what the risks might be. It appears that updating navaids might interfere with the fsx map and flight planner which I do not use. What about other add ons?


I'm a bit confused and I read conflicting opinions on this topic here and elsewhere.


It seems to me that if I do vor nav,use sids or stars or fly online that an update is needed.


Your input would be helpful.

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The Navaids in FSX are embedded in the scenery files, that what makes this so complicated. NAVIGRAPH does not touch these, as you rightfully stated, it just offers RNAV databases for FMCs and EFB's.


The only way that I know of to update the Navaids in the sim is what Herve Sors does. That is to open, correct and recompile the BGL files in your sim standard scenery. It works pretty well too, and if you make a full backup copy of your main sim folder beforehand you are not running any risk. But the default files have been manipulated, so as he says there may be trouble with map & flight planner - but I never experienced that, although I have been using the Sors updates from day 1.

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Thanks for the reply. If I use the Sors or Navigraph site are the updates cumulative ? I have years of updates to be up to date. Also if I purchase an add on plane with a gps how would I do updates ?


Again: Sors and Navigraph are completely different things.


Sors' software updates frequencies, positions and names of the VORs and NDBs in FSX.


Navigraph is only needed if you have an airplane with FMC and that FMC has to be supported by Navigraph. It doesn't do anything for FSX! You can find a list of supported aircraft and EFBs on the Navigraph site.

Navigraph data is a database of the "virtual" RNAV waypoints, airways and procedures that basically only the FMCs know about. And as these virtual points and the procedures are subject to change, a Navigraph "Cycle" is only valid for 28 days - as is the real AIRAC cycle - then it is replaced by the next cycle. Every cycle is a complete database, valid for the period that it indicates. So if for example you are an avid user of PMDG airliners and want everything to be as real as possible, you need a Navigraph subscription and update the cycle every time a new one is released. But you don't have to, the FMC will work just as well with an old AIRAC - the only thing that can happen is, that if you pull a real world route out of the internet, and that route is based on a current AIRAC cycle, then your FMC might not fully understand it.


Edit: here is the link which products are supported by Navigraph:


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