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Virtavia V-22 Osprey


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Here is something in the File Library that you might want to try!


FSX - FSX Panels FSX Gauge--VTOL/Hover

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Name: rcbvca40.zip

Size: 62,926 Date: 09-24-2012 Downloads: 1,001



FSX Gauge--VTOL/Hover v4.0 for Alphasim/Virtavia V22 Osprey. This freeware package adds new V(S)TOL and hover features to the V-22 Osprey. Besides true vertical takeoff and landing, it allows you to fly forward, backward, sideways and turn, while in a hover. This solution is based on overriding the normal FS flight dynamics when the nacelles are rotated out of the normal flight position; in short, it's a V(S)TOL and hover FDE coded in a gauge. For users of previous versions of this add-on, this is a major update. The readme includes extensive installation and flying instructions. Requires prior installation of Peter Dowson's FSUIPC (registered or un-registered). For FSX-SP2 or FSX-Acceleration only. By Rob Barendregt.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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