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FSX Panel for Boeing 737-200 En2 Classic Rat


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Please follow this checklist to keep your installation simple and trouble free:


1. Place the panel folder in your aircraft folder and connect it to your aircraft config.

2. Dump the CONTENTS of the GAUGES folder into your corresponding FSX folder.

3. Dump the CONTENTS of the SOUND folder into your corresponding FSX folder.


Can someone help me with the installation of this panel?


I just need help with #1

How do I connect the panel to the aircraft config. I'm not clear how to do it.


Thanks for your help.

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Before you start, you need to extract the panel folder into a Temp folder someplace you have full Admin access to.

Basicly, they are telling you to copy one of the previous [fltsim.XX] entries, where XX are sequential numbers, top to bottom, in the aircraft.cfg file to the bottom of the area that has all the other [fltsim.XX] sections in it. You CAN put it anywhere, actually, but it makes keeping track of all the different variations, textures, panels and so on if you keep them togethr. Give it the next number in line, and change the panel= line to the new panel folder, which you will have to rename something unique, BEFORE you copy it to the plane's folder. Like say, panel.1 for example. Please note, it MUST be separated by a period. Like my example. You can call it panel.new, panel.1, panel.fred if you want, just as long as it's the ONLY one with that particular panel.XXXXX name in the airplane's folder.

Please remember to back up ANY file BEFORE you make any changes.

You can open the aircraft.cfg file with NotePad or something similar. Do NOT use a more advanced Word Processor, as they add symbols into a file that make them non-functional to the Sim.

Once you have renamed the panel folder, Copy it into the plane's main folder, so you have a panel folder and a panel.1 folder, for example.

On the new entry in the aircraft.cfg you will now need to change THREE lines. The first line, title=AC520 Pegasus , just for an example, now must be unique. Not LONG, just unique. Like say title=AC520 Pegasus New Panel.

Then, the panel= line to read panel=1, fred, whatever you called the new folder. Just the part after the period though. Not the whole panel.fred

Then go down to the ui_variation= and make that a unique line. Like no other in that particular aircraft.cfg. To carry my example farther, let us say it reads ui_variation=Pegasus VC Just change it to read ui_variation=Pegasus VC New Panel.

Save the aircraft.cfg file off, and then follow the rest of the instructions.

Go flying. You can select he new paneled plane by going through the list of variations in the selection window to the one that reads whatever you changed the ui_variation= line to read. In this case ui_variation=Pegasus VC New Panel

Does that answer your questions?



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now :D

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