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[HELP] Can't play multiplayer with my friend. Tried all methods that I know.

Guest slaazenger

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Guest slaazenger

Hello guys, I need help regarding this situation:

I've been having alot of trouble when trying to play FSX:SE on a closed session with my friend. I've searched and tried alot of solutions mbut none of them seem to work.

When I bought this Simulator with my friend about 7 months ago we used to play on LAN via Hamachi and when i clicked on LAN i could see his server on the server list, now we try doing the same thing (and also alot of other methods) and something doesnt work and what intrigues me the most is that 7 months ago we made it work on the first try!

The errors we get are "Cannot create connection to host." (LAN/DirectIP) and "Can't find friends session" (Steam Invite). We tried playing on LAN via Hamachi, on LAN using direct connect, via steam, via steam with direct. We both checked our Firewall, and set our ports to 6112 - 6122.

You may ask why we don't play on the same steam server, the answer is simple: we are newbies, we can't play on realistic physics and also, there's only one server in Brazil and we can't change realism in this server.

Thanks guys!

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