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L-13 Blanik

Guest Plexus

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I have both these new models, as I wanted to compare them and support both developers.


Both are equally good in terms of modelling accuracy and the virtual cockpits are both very pleasing.


I have flown the Blanik, many hours, in real life as an instructor. If you have too, you will know that it is a very stable glider, responsive, but its rate of roll is not great and it is quite stable in the pitch plane. It feels very steady in flight.


Both these models do not quite hit the mark, in that I think they both are a little too responsive, especially in pitch and the rate of roll a little too great. Perhaps this is due to lack of force-feedback in our sticks, but in fact I do have MS FFB 2 stick with the FS Force 2 driver, and I can increase the stick forces.


So, in summary, very nice models both. But, I think the OctopusG model was released last and in a bit of a hurry in response to the A1R release. OctopusG are currently working on one or two bug fixes and are going to add a twin-fuselage Blanik (soviet era test-bed).


Both well worth buying for soaring with CumulusX! in FSX.


Best wishes,



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