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Afcad editor not ADE


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Hello, I have been away from fsx for a little over a year now. I am wanting to get back into it, I have asx acceleration the disk version (not steam).


I remember have a program similar to ADE where I could search the airport code, and open the airport afcad. It would show me all taxiways, runways, and parking spots. If I clicked on a parking spot it would tell me the gate, and what airline/airlines use that gate. It was very similar to this




When I use ADE it pulls up the stock airport. I have fs dreamteam lax and it's not opening it. I even tried searching for the afcad file and can't find it.


Anyone know of one for fsx like I linked? I am not trying to build airports or anything, maybe just editing some gate info.


Thanks Mike

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I just tried the CTRL O and could not find any airports. I think it's because it want to look for ADE projects, and the drop down menu has no other options besides ADE project's. ADE/AD2 file types, so it wont find the BGL files.


If I go to file open airport from BGL, everyone one I try and open says "this file does not contain an airport. ADE will not load it.

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Well..yes you can, your not opening the correct bgl

Can you post example freeware airport?

If I don't have it I will download and post screenshots of folder tree, high lighting the correct bgl.

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