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Virtualcol EMB-175 A/T Problems


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Today, I decided to go on a VA flight with the Virtualcol EMB-175. When I took off and got settled, I switched on my autothrottle and it held at 200 knots. However, when I got higher up and wished to accelerate, I tried turning up the Speed hold dial to 300 and it would just keep turning itself down to 200 knots. So, I disengaged the autothrottle, turned it up to 300, and reengaged it... and it reset itself to 200 knots :mad:. Is this a part of the real EMB-175? Or is it a glitch that needs a workaround?




Intel Core i3

4GB Ram 2.23ghz

Intel HD Graphics

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If you are using the SHFT+R keyboard key combo to activate the autothrottle, a lot of systems will lock it in at the speed you are AT, not the speed you want. Often the button in the VC or 2D cockpit will do the same thing.

Try accelerating to the speed you desire, then activate the autothrottle.

Also, as mentioned, at higher altitude (usually above 18,'000 MSL) you have to use the MACH number, not IAS for what to set. Try CTRL+R, then change it in the AP's Mach window, then shft+R. That may do it for you...



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