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Navigraph, I'm COMPLETELY new and stumped!


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Hi All,

Technologically Challenged Bill here, yet another time.


I'm turning to you good folks for the great advice and guidance, again, that I have received in the past.


I'm using FSX Gold, have just bought the FeelThere ERJ 135/145 package and bought the Navigraph 1 month, one cycle package. I've downloaded the Navigraph Data Manager. I finally managed to get the FeelThere ERJ v2 into the list. I'm showing AIRAC Cycle 1602 as the current cycle. I tried programming the FMC in my brand new, shiny ERJ 145 and none of the waypoints show up as I'm diligently trying to program them in.


Do I have to do anything else to get the navigraph data into the FMC besides what I have already done. I was/am really looking forward to using the current SIS/STARS, Approaches, etc.


Please, any and all help will be appreciateed (as usual).



Bill Mattson


Airspeed, altitude and ideas, bad to run out of all three at the same time

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Hi Bill,


First off - excellent choice - the ERJ is one of the few commercial airliners I routinely flew and it's a great plane - thoroughly enjoyed it - my experience was in FS9 though...


So - I'm not familiar with the the new Navigraph Manager - last I did it was with individual file downloads... That said if the installer didn't complain and the FMC shows the correct data cycle - it sounds like it is properly installed...


Did you load waypoints previously and only experienced issues after the updates ???


I've used FSBuild for years and I would load the flight plan via an export from that - honestly - I don't know if I ever hand loaded a flight plan... I did make changes to routes which took a bit to master the FMC but I haven't used it in a while...


If you see "dspaulding" around the forums - just chatted with him a day or so ago - he's a real world ERJ jockey - very helpful - and always willing to discuss his bird... He's helped me out a number of times...


PS - get the McPhat liveries - they had freeware AA floating around - not sure if they are still available...






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