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Blue Baron B55- from Plumb Island to Quebec Intl.


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This is my first screenshots introduction for 2016


The 100 dollars Burger Plum Island Airfield (2B2)

by Bill Womack


My wife and I could have driven right by Plum Island Airfield without knowing it. The one clue we’d

arrived was the gleaming arch of the new hangar that caught the mid-morning sun. A friend told

me not to miss this place if I was in the area, and he wasn’t kidding. It claims to be the oldest

operational field in the United States, but it’s no O’Hare or JFK. Instead the visitor is greeted by a

scattering of tired looking aircraft huddled around a patch of cracked hot-top that sprouts weeds

like an old man grows hair—sporadically, and in unlikely places.


About The Area:


Stretched along the far northern coast of the state of Massachusetts is Plum Island, a

stretch of sand that’s home to a small community of year-rounders and a few summer

folk. The lower three-quarters of the island comprises the Parker River National Wildlife

Refuge, home to various species of birds, red foxes, skunks, raccoons, and deer.



The flight plan:


In a Winter morning day after having a delicious 100 dollars Burger, I took-off for my destination visit to Canada Quebec International (CYQB)


This scenery encompasses a stretch of the Massachusetts coastline wedged just below the

New Hampshire border, a bit north of Boston in the northeast United States.

Plum Island, an 11 mile (18Km) long barrier island, and

inland to the town of Newburyport, which is situated on the banks of the Merrimack river.

Near the middle of the scenery area lies Plum Island Airfield (2B2), the heart of this project.























Thanks for watching!!

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Outstanding shots and paint on t:cool:he Baron Gonzalo!!! :) Now you can fly from Plum Island to Heron's Nest, Bill's new scenery in less than an hour.


Thank you Adam, I'll take your proposal to check it out,:cool:;)

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Very nice post, Gonzalo. As a native of Massachusetts, I'm partial to flights over that part of the country, and (as you probably know) I'm a real sucker for the Baron B-55 (Had to make my own for FS9). I loved everything about this post, great job, my friend!
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Hi Folks,


Is it blue plane week ? What a great set - really captures what GA is all about... There are so many cool little places to visit in the Northeast and it's always seemed a bit neglected in the FS world... I'll add that airport to my list... That MilViz Baron is a beautiful aircraft...






Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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