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Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant problem.


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Hello guys!


I have a "bit" problem with my Saitek Pro Flight Thorttle Quadrant.

At once, everything went well, but the next day it didn't worked. I can't say it didn't, but the power of the engine automaticly set to 100%, and if I moved the arm, nothing happened, it was still on 100%.

I checked the plug, because I use it with the pro flight yoke system, and rudder pedal.

The rudder pedals work well, but I can't do anything with the quadrant.

And my 1 year warranty is run out.

And one more thing, if I didn't move the yoke, it stuck on 50%, if I move it, it set to 100%.

So what do you think, what can I do?




(sorry, I'm new at the page, and my English is, I can say not exelent! Don't worry to click on the Hungarian website, it don't asks anything!)

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