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Photo Realistic Scenery. does this exist now.


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HI All

I have been away from Flight Sim for a while and would like to return to the fold. I left because at that time there was NO photo realistic scenery, and what there was bore no relation to the actual area I was trying to fly over. There was a so called method where you could use Google Earth but that was IMHO useless as well.

So is there now a UK and in particular the Isle of Man (My home base is Ronaldsway) available that is correct. The one I did find was fine with the airport itself, but anything outside that was a mess.

Best to all out there



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It certainly does.


Earth Simulations Limited "Isle of Man" Download: http://earthsimulations.com/product/isle-of-man/#reviews

@ £24.50, $38.44usd, it is a tad on the expensive side, but, it is very well done.

Check out their other scenery too.


Just Flight has a pretty good selection of VFR Real Scenery in volumes and add-ons, but the real bargain is "The Collection". There are free Demos available for Vols. 1, 3, & 4.



There may be some freebies, or, other products out there, but those are the most recommended at this time.

PlayHorizon VFR Generation X used to be quite popular. I couldn't find a source for it and their website is defunct...Don

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