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Inner/Middle/Outer Marker how do you active in fsx


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I'm wondering how you activate the Inner/Middle/Outer marker in fsx. Please can anyone help me.
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Assuming your aircraft is properly equipped, you just fly over them, and the light should light. If the audio panel has the marker beacons selected, you also should hear the tones. They are part of the instrument approach system, so you don't encounter them until on final approach on the (usually) ILS, or at least localizer, path.


The outer marker is at the final approach fix, often a few miles from the runway, while the middle marker is a short distance out and the inner marker is almost at the end of the runway. Note that not all runways, or even all ILS approaches have the inner marker, and some may skip the middle, as well.


Larry N.

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Hey Zip, what radios are those?



the Bean


Hey, Bean...your guess is as good as mine! It was too early in the morning with not enough coffee poured down the funnel. I Google Searched FSX radiostack looking for a good pix of a 737 type showing all of the buttons. This one showed the MKR button the best.


Time to investigate.

sherlock.jpg Ah ha! PW372 Radio Stack FSX P3D FS9

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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