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Correcting BGL coverage...how to??


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I have noticed that some freeware addon scenery has bgl files that cover vast areas (sometimes even global) when they don't need to! I have some scenery files being loaded even when hundreds of miles away from the actual area the scenery covers.


So, is there a way to alter the offending bgl files to make the area smaller and more in line with area they cover?



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There are a number of tools available but what to use will depend largely on what tool(s) the original .bgl author used. Many simple sceneries will have been made using a single tool but the more complex sceneries may have used multiple tools. Read any info docs provided as many authors will state what tool was used. Some of the tools used can also be worked out by pointers in the file name if the author has accepted default naming conventions when compiling the file.


Such tools included - simply google to get links for more info


Airport Designer Editor (ADE) - Can be used to edit/create airports. Scenery files may contain the word ADEX (FSX) or ADE (FS2004) in complied files

AFCAD2 - Offers broadly the same functions of ADE. Scenery files usually contains AF2 in compiled files

Instant Scenery - Mainly used for creating and placing items/models such as custom buildings etc.

SBuilder - Normally used to create landclass etc.


This is just a small selection of apps available to edit/create FS scenery.


Note that aiprots created/edited in ADE or AFCAD can usually be opened by either program BUT NOTE if the author has tied objects/special features to the scenery some of these may be lost if the file is opened in another app.


Something else worth considering is that the author may have used multiple .bgl files in the scenery so it may just be a case of looking at the scenery contents and removing a specific .bgl file.


It may also be worth re-posting your Q on the Scenery Design forum - if you click on the forum button and scroll down to Designer Forums section to find it.




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