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Notice of Sources


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This FAQ is about flying techniques and real aviation matters. Many answers have been pulled from the existing FAQs and from the forums
, where a lot of good information has been posted by many experienced pilots and flight instructors. Don't forget to check out the
See also
line at the bottom of many of these pages.


The idea is to collect all this into one place, for easier reference.

I'd also like to add a note that is at the bottom of the menu page for this FAQ:

: Throughout this FAQ, there are a number of highlighted terms, or links, that when clicked

will give a definition or additional reference. These terms also appear in the Glossary section below.

For most of these terms, you can get more detailed (and often much more complete) information by searching

for that same term in Wikipedia at: Wikipedia Main Page (English). There is a search box on the left side of

this Wikipedia main page.


Another good source of real world information is the FAA's online Aeronautical Information Manual, or AIM.

And you can get numerous FAA references at the FAA's Regulations & Policies site. If you just want

( Federal Aviation Regulations ) you may click on the highlight at left. 14 CFR Parts 61 and 91

contain the most important regulations for pilots, though many others are pertinent.


And you can go to the
's web site for current information on aviation, along with some good information

on learning to fly (Training and Safety tab).

I'd also like to make this request, as I've done on the first page of the FAQ:

If anyone has suggestions on more categories, or on rearrangement of what is here, please bring

it up first in the "discussion" tab, or PM me on flightsim.com forums. This is far from all inclusive, and I'd love to see it expanded beyond what I can do alone.



Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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