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FAIB AI Aircraft Landing Distance Fix


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Hello all,


I've been messing around with the FAIB aircraft.cfg this morning trying to fix the landing distance issues and I think I may have hit on something that I would like to share.


As the users of the FAIB models know, their approach speed is really slow and the aircraft seems to stop on a dime. I set out to fix this issue because I was tired of my AI taking the wrong exits off the runway by stopping way to soon.


With these tweaks I've managed to squeeze out an extra 2000-2200 feet longer stopping distance which makes landing a lot more realistic. Unfortunately the approach speeds are still the same, around 135-142 Knots which is a little slower than I'd like.


These have been tested on all FAIB models Boeing & Airbus. All worked the same without issues.


Here are the changes:


Under [GeneralEngineData]

Change min_throttle_limit from -0.12 to -0.01



Under [TurbineEngineData]

Change reverser_available from 1 to 0 ||This will turn off the reverse-thrust however the reverse-thrust animation still happens in-game



Under [brakes]

Change toe_brakes_scalar from 0.6 to 0.1

Change auto_brakes from 4 to 1



Under [flaps.0]

Change the flaps-position. 6, 7 and 8 entries to:

flaps-position.6 = 15

flaps-position.7 = 15

flaps-position.8 = 15



Under [airplane_geometry]

Change spoiler_limit from 30.0 to 15.0

Change spoiler_extension_time from 2.0 to 3.0

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I have also tried the above settings on TFS A330 and A310 as well as AIA 767 and AIG 757 with the same results, the only noticeable difference is the nose wheel stays in the air a little longer than usual on TFS models. These changes seem universal to all AI models and greatly improve the flow of traffic into high density airports.
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Thank you for giving more reality to AI-aircrafts.

Are you sure there are no WOAI visited airports with shorter runways ?;)

happy landings! Christian:pilot:

Intel i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHZ, 4 Kerne, 16 GB

MSI RX 480; M. SATA WD 500 GB;

WD RED PRO 2TB Win 10, 64 bit; FSX Gold Acc.

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