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Why my FS2004 shuts off when selecting an add on aircraft with panel installed


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I need some help with my FS2004, I added some airliners with some panels to use for my flying, and when I select an addon aircraft that I want to fly, I get a message saying that FS2004 has stop working and then FS2004 shuts off without knowing the cause. Sometimes it works without any problems but this an ongoing problem for me, and when I select an airliner without adding a panel it works fine and doesn't shut down, but when I add the panels the shut down happens and I don't know exactly the cause of this problem. Can anyone help me out?
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A bit of problem isolation here, a very boring but necessary task.


Changing your panel.cfg file, comment out all but one panel and then select the aircraft. Keep doing that until you have isolated the bad panel. Look at it very closely. If you are lucky, visual inspection might reveal the problem.


If not, move to the next step. Comment out all the gauges in that panel (ie, no gauges at all), and restart. Remove comments from one gauge at a time, then restart. That should isolate the bad gauge.

Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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