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Pedals advice

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I've recently added some CH Pedals to my FSX.


I'm still getting used to using my feet !


However, I've noticed since installing them, that my PMDG 737NGX seems harder to move. Before I could get it rolling with about 25-27% N1. With the pedals installed I now have to use about 40% N1. It seems like the plane is rolling on chewing gum rather than tarmac. It also slows quicker as well.


When I use the brakes (with or without the pedals) - a "brakes" icon appears in the bottom right hand corner. This is NOT showing - so it would seem that my brakes are not applied and this is not the cause of the problem.


I've contacted CH Products who gave never heard of this before.


Before sending them back for a replacement I wondered if anyone had encountered this or had any suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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Same plane, same airport, same runway etc....


No pedals attached = plane moved about 24-25% N1 and rolls for a good distance once power is reduced to idle.


Pedals attached = plane moves about 24-25% N1 and rolls for a good distance once power is reduced to idle. HOWEVER, once the pedals have been used (touched) the plane starts to roll about 29% N1, takes a long time to build up speed and slows down quickly like its rolling through mud.


So, with pedals attached it's ok until the pedals are actually used. My impression is that they are not fully releasing the brake - although that "brake" message is not on the screen.


I do not have FSUIPC

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double check the key/joystick assignments, again.

Make sure that, if you are using FSUIPC, the brake assignment in the sim is unallocated & it is set in FSUIPC.


A test is to open the joystick properties in Windows & to start pressing things & turning your joystick or yoke. You will get an indication where that things are working. Then press the tow brakes.. an indicator should light up.


Cape Town, South Africa

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