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Strange AI Traffic problem


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Ive had a repeated occurrence of aircraft appearing where the should not be. Eg. 4 Delta 777 at FAJS . on checking the flightplans for Delta it is absoloutely clear there is only meant to be one. On checking ai traffic view board it says the are all bound for airports 1000's of miles from FAJS. This also happens with Emirates and at other airports and I definitely have no duplicate files. There is 1 common link though and that is in both cases all the aircraft concerned have the affected airport in the schedule at some point. Anyone had this before? Can it be solved?
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Do you know how to make flight plans for AI? I think Ttools has very good info. You need to go into the the flight plans and edit out that airport, which will be a very long process.


To help narrow down particular aircraft and airports searching for them in the flight plans using the free program Fileseek may help.

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Ok, I don't know if I had your exact problem, but maybe it's related, so allow me to share what happened to me. I use AIFP to do my editing and investigation. I'm sure TTools works well too, I've just never learned the program, so I'm not familiar.


Back in November, while I was working on making my own Southwest Airlines plans in and around the Southern California area, I noticed that there was some strange Southwest jet that was due to fly from Little Rock, Arkansas to Chicago, Illinois, but a variation of it was spawning out of the ground west of Edwards AFB, somewhere in the high desert between Los Angeles and Edwards. The destination board on the traffic status clearly read KLIT to KORD, yet here was this "rogue plane" in Southern California, thousands of miles west of where it belonged, clearly nowhere near a straight line between Arkansas and Illinois. What's more, I went to Little Rock (KLIT) to see if at the scheduled the departure time, the plane was even there. And it was! So that meant the "phantom plane" I was seeing in California was a reproduction or cloned copy of what was legitimately making the proper trip from Little Rock to Chicago. All this was happening on what I think was a Monday morning.


This had me baffled for about a week, and then through careful investigation of flight plans, legs, etc. I finally found the error. I don't know if you use WOAI or another AI service, but as many hundreds & thousands of those things these companies put out, I guess we can't expect them to get them all right. There will be some errors.


What happened was this:


The plane that was supposed to leave from KLIT to KORD at 08:30 local on Monday (and it did), was written up in the flight plans to leave from KSJC (San Jose, CA) to KSNA (Santa Ana, CA) at 14:45 local on Wed, HOWEVER... somebody overwrote the ETA to KSNA (should have only taken about an hour or so) to be "1:45 + 6" !!!! Meaning an hour and forty-five minutes, PLUS six days! So a simple flight from San Jose to Santa Ana that should have gotten it down to So-Cal that same Wednesday afternoon at about 15:45 local, had it getting there 16:30 the following Tuesday afternoon!


Meanwhile that plane by the next week was expected to be in the midwest and doing that Little Rock to Chicago run, and I think for more than just Monday. So part of that plane was doing the proper route in the Midwest on Monday morning, but the other part was still "trapped in Southern California" thinking it was taking 6 days to travel down the coast from the SF Bay Area. Sorta' like a "ghost plane" that didn't know where it was supposed to be.


So I edited the error KSJC to KSNA flight to only take the ETA hour or so, and problem solved. The ghost effect on Monday morning was gone.


The last question one might ask, is if the flight plan had the plane "stuck on the west coast" for 6 days flying between Wed and the following Tuesday, then how was the plane able to spawn from its proper departure point in Little Rock bound for Chicago on Monday morning? Answer: Monday comes before Wednesday, so the KLIT to KORD on Mon (Day #1 in FS9, Day #0 in FSX) trumps (and I don't mean "Donald") the KSJC to KSNA flight on Wednesday-- even though the KSJC Wed flight was erroneously set to run 6 days into the following Tuesday. The Little Rock to Chicago flight was long over before the San Jose flight was set to leave Wed afternoon so it was never an issue in blocking it.


Now had the erroneous 6 day flight from San Jose been the Monday fight (running Monday to Sunday), and the KLIT to KORD was set to be a Wednesday morning flight, then I don't think I'd have seen the plane spawn in Little Rock.


It was just a weird circumstance that happened to create that oddity, and it's probably not the only one out there. So if this sounds in anyway similar, try to trace these plane that are in places they don't belong back to their leg #'s and flight plan #'s, and from there, investigate the legs until you find odd stuff like a flight that takes 2 or 3 days to fly from say... New York to Washington DC. Edit it, fix it, and it should start cleaning up the anomalies.


-- John

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I have always found that if a plane is scheduled to be on three different flights at the same time in three different countries, whether intentionally or by mistake, then that is what it will do. It doesn't wait for a previous flight to finish before appearing somewhere else so "being stuck on the west coast" would never happen. AI is very obedient; the error is always in the writing; in other words it is my error.
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