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Caravan Fedex


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Hey everyone.


Just recently bought the C208 Caravan from Carenado with the intention of conducting some FEDEX flights around the U.S. and maybe with the intention of joining a FEDEX VA in the future. Mostly been a jet flyer but am enjoying the turboprops lately.


I thought considering the popularity of the Caravan, its wide use around the world and especially considering it was designed in conjuction and with input from FEDEX, i thought it would be simple to find a repaint for it.


But alas no, nothing, nada, which kind of surprises me. In fact, i'm more surprised that Carenado themselves didn't do a FEDEX repaint.


I'm attempting a repaint myself which will be a pathetic attempt, however is anyone else surprised at this, the popularity of this aircraft without a FEDEX livery?


This to me would be like a Boeing 737 without a Southwest Airlines repaint.



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I like the Cessna Caravan amphibian myself. Which is the default plane. I added RealityXP gauges so it's really neat. As to FedEx, I have the PMDG Beechcraft 1900 C/D for FedEx. I think if I remember right it's the C variant for the FedEx livery.


I do however have FedEx caravans as AI. And I see them mostly at Hawaii. But I have added more of them around the country and the Bahamas. Not even sure if FedEx is in the Bahamas. LOL

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I believe the reason is because Fedex uses the cargomaster version, which doesn't have windows. This version was made only for fsx. You could reformat the fsx fedex texture for that model and use it, however it would appear odd since the logo would be cut off by the windows.
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