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downloaded jetway from Flytampa

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I just looked up new for FS2004, and it showed this file I thought would be a good file to add (see below) I know sometimes these are older files, and they recycle from time to time I believe not sure. I saw this and wanted to use this file as it would add to my jetways at SEA. Upon downloading I read the install, it mentions Flytampa, I looked it up by searching FS2004, scenery, copy & pasted flytampa and came up with other flytampa things but what I did not see is flytampa as a base scenery.(click and you will see other Flytampa files. Two of them is basically the same file, SEA one) I went into my scenery folders within FS2004 to see if I can see something there, nothing with flytampa. Below is the how to install so someone here can please figure this out I hope. To see what I am talking about do search scenery within FS2004 type Flytampa. Much appreciated as usual. Thanks Kenny


FS2004 Scenery Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Replacement Textures.


New Delta sign texture replacement set for Seattle-Tacoma Int'l scenery by Fly Tampa. Texture replacement set for FlyTampa-Seattle scenery. These textures will replace the obsolete Northwest Airlines signs with the new Delta logos on all jetways and hangars of the airport. By Julio Birman.


To install, simply uncompress these two texture files into your FlyTampa-Seattle/Texture folder. Remember to backup your original scenery files in case you don't like these.





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Thanks mr zippy, I wasn't sure as I did not see that anywhere. I just looked up flytampa and thought if that was a freeware, I would like to download the jetways. I am surprise it doesn't say payware as it usually does. Again thanks, Kenny


What you downloaded and tried to install was a free update for the payware package.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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