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cloud problem?


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Hi all -xplane 10.30 installed(havent upgraded to 10.31 yet) anyway every thing was fine and today i made flight with the super viking and saw my cloud were covered by a black set of rectangles/sguares?

so i shut it down and rebooted with a default ces-172 to test the clouds =same problem? i didnt change anything except maybe updated drivers (but lets not say so fast =thats the problem if not 100% sure)i have had for over a year or more the free cloud enhancer from xplane .org made thousands of flights all thypes of planes no problem -overall sytem handles ok -didnt have problem getting to destination =2hr flight

just them clouds are a mess so i cleared all weather untill i landed and tried the default cessna 172 after a re boot and same cloud problem any ideas?nvidea GTX460 driver=344.75


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problem solved or seems to be fixed!

version of clouds not compatible with xplane 10.30/31

installed new version from xplane .org

clouds gold edition x 11 beta-=newest one specially made and says no more black clouds

problem fixed

ps it wasnt the graphic card or drivers -just needed newst version

ps shift2 unleased wasnt working also saw a video on youtube says to deleate config file and that fixed that race car game -sometime the config file will screw thing up-so delete and reboot fixes it

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