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Units of measurement


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Are you sure that changes speeds as well?


I was thinking:

The gauge in the cockpit displays what it displays.

To change that you would have to install a different gauge.

There are not many gauges that show in Kmh. I saw one once, but I can't remember what aircraft that was in.


All aircraft info (max flap speeds, approach speed, max cruise speed) is in Knots.

Atc gives speeds to fly in knots as well.

(you would still have to convert a lot)


I think in Kmh most of the time too in daily life, but converting isn't that hard. Knots x1.8 is Kmh.

I only use that to remember "Wow, I'm going faster then I thought".

(I approximate it. So to get approx speed in Kmh I multiply by 2, then subtract a bit. For example, when I fly an approach at 160 knots, I tink, "it's not THAT fast. Then realise "oops, 160 x 2 = 320, 320-a bit=300.... this is flying at 300 Kmh!!)


What do you want the Kmh for? Navigation?

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I look at it as 60 knts. is about 100 kilometers. It's easier than doing all the math. I do remember if you're not doing at least 200K (125 mph or so) per on the Bavarian autobahn, you'd better stay in the far right lane unless actually passing someone. You'll either get run over by an Audi or ticketed by a cop in a 911!


My lease car was a BMW 540i and I found about 225K was a nice cruise speed and you passed maybe a few more cars than passed you. :cool:


I agree maps are based on 60 knt per 1* grids. But I don't see anyone doing a lot of grid square navigation in an ultralight!

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Thanks for the replies so far.


Unfortunately they do not take me anywhere forward.


On General Settings International they give a number of options but none meet what I need. The ASI will adjust from Knots to Km per Hour when I adjust to 'metric' but the combination of height in feet and airspeed in Km per Hour does not feature....

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