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ORBX Vector - Terrain mesh issues


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Good evening,


Recently installed both ORBX Global and ORBX Global Vector, and was until I opened FSX, excited for what was to come.

Thereafter, after selecting the airport LFKC (St Catherine), on the island of Corsica, I got a bit upset.


Before running the Vector AEC program, I came upon this, which does not really look good:




I then went back to the AEC program, and applied the saved data from this user (http://msflights.net/forum/showthread.php?2100-A-few-notes-on-FTX-Global-Vector-and-Mesh), which did correct atleast the big holes. However, it did not do the job 100 %.


Once done, it looks like this:







Regarding to the scenery library (if that matters), all Vector items are ranked 1-5, meaning from the top. Also, I have no addons at the airport in question, nor at other airports where this happens (i.e KASE/Aspen Pitkin). Neither do I have GEX, UTX or something like that installed.


Is there anyone who could assist me on this matter? I really want this to work..




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