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Random low FPS drop for few seconds while in-flight


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Sometimes while flying over a sea or major city, basically anywhere I get random fps drop out from 60 to 4-11 for a few seconds then resumes to 60. It happens just randomly anytime and also regardless of the time the sim had been running.

But if I remember correctly I never had this drop out before installing MAIW addons. Unsure if the sceneries made a light impact on the frames as I tried removing them but nothing has changed.



I7-3770 @ 3.4Ghz - 16GB RAM DDR3 1600Mhz - Nvidia GTX 660 2GB - win7 64 Home premium



HDE v2.0

Shockwave 3D lights redux

Zinertek ultimate water advanced

Zinertek ultimate night environment professional

Airport Environment Upgrade 8 (only the runway textures concretes, asphalts)

FlyTampa Montreal, St. Maarten

Aerosoft wonderful Madeira

Active Camera 2004

World of AI old & new packages - TFS - AIG - UTT - CamSim - AIM - HJG - etc...

AI helicopters

Over 700+ AFCADS

MAIW all packages of Canada, USA.


And that's much about the main addons, I stopped there since noticing that issue.

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Not saying that this is the same for you, but I have noticed that in a long distance flight, when you cross a "significant" meridian (and/or possibly parallel of latitude) there is a sudden change of sun angle and lighting in the sky and/or clouds. This drops the frame rate alongs the same lines as what you say. Again, not saying that this is going to be the same for you.
Steve from Murwilllumbah.
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A large amount of AI in the area, especially if they have high-res textures, will definitely hit the fps. The hit is somewhat random as AI fly in and out of the area you are in, and if you are near a well detailed airport it is even worse - all the airport detail (all those polygons to render), any airport animations (including ground vehicles), any AI parked or taxiing, plus any airborne AI, can quickly cut into frame rates.


Temporarily lower the AI slider and see if that helps. If it doesn't, you may have some background program/service occasionally hogging system resources for half a second (Process Lasso can alleviate much of this); auto-updates are notorious for this.

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