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ATC Mishap???

Minas Man

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:confused: Hello, everyone. Here is a quick question. Has this ever happened to any of you? I was flying from Denver Intl to Salt Lake City (KSLC) this morning and using the default Air Traffic Control. I've been simming for many years now but have just decided to add "realism" to my flights by utilizing ATC.


Anyway, I was being vectored to Rwy 36L, and was doing what I thought was a good job (following all the directions, etc). Well I turned to final, put down the gear, and was feeling pretty good about myself. ;)


Suddenly, out of nowhere, a 737 came zooming down from overhead and got right in front of me. He landed ahead of me and air traffic control instructed me to land behind him. After a few moments I hit the runway, and low and behold, the Boeing was still on the runway, dead in front of me :confused:


ATC instructed me to "go-around", which pissed me off!!!!:mad: I mean, I was AHEAD of this clown, and he literally cut me off.


I hit the pause button to avoid slamming into his "6 oclock", and exited the game in disgust:(


My question is 2 fold: (a) Has this happened to any of you and what did you do about it?

(b) Is this proper ATC procedure and should I have just "gone around" and forgot about it?

Important note: I've only done a handful of missed approaches and they were nothing to brag about:mad: Yeah, I know I should practice them.


Thanks for listening

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ATC instructed me to "go-around", which pissed me off!!!!:mad:

Thanks for listening


Better than being whizzed on!;) Yes, it has happened way more than just once. I would advise looking for a program that will help keep AI aircraft off of your tail and also passing you on final to land in front of you. I'll take a look for something that is FS2004 compatible. I don't think AISmooth is.


OK, wrong on that! AISmooth is available for FS2004.





I suppose you are trying to avoid something like this at KLAX!


Close call at KLAX.JPG

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Yes, it happens all the time. Yes, it is annoying.


My understanding is that the ATC in the sim makes no effort whatsoever to space other aircraft on approach to a runway. There are forum threads out there discussing tools that address this situation, but I can't comment (I haven't tried any of them).


Another annoyance is when they tell you to go around, but there is no other airplane actually on the runway...it's just a phantom that exists to ATC, but doesn't move and can't be seen.




Listen. If they give a landing clearance to the same runway to someone else before you, either that plane lands and clears the runway, or you will be told to go around. Even if that airplane is behind you. There's no other choice. So, you can expect it and not be surprised.


Land anyway. If the other traffic is behind you, the runway is clear. If they instruct you to go around, acknowledge, don't switch frequency, and land anyway. Tower will tell you to contact ground as soon as you touch down. You don't lose any brownie points for this.


Don't freak out. It's not the end of the world.

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Another suggestion I meant to make...


If there are two parallel runways in use, both suitable for your airplane and weather, request the other one. Odds are much better of avoiding a go around. Most AI traffic is using the same runway they assigned to you.



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You need to use both AISmooth and AISeparation (both are freeware). Here are the compatibility settings for each:


AI Smooth:


Distance of AI aircraft to landing aircraft: 5.000000

Distance of user aircraft to landing aircraft: 5.000000

Heading range for intercept: 1

Global approach fix distance: 0.000000

Minimum Separation time: 1

User plane response: Ticked

Show ATC message: Unticked

Landing release altitude: 3.000000

Min. centerline distance: 0.000000

Reduce speed on approach: Unticked

Speak ATC Messages: Unticked

Control Batchsize, Poll Interval, Command Delay: Unchanged



AI Separation:


Min Separation: 6

Desired Separation: 8

Refresh rate: 5

Heading difference: 20

No move zone: 6

Reduced separation zone start: 35

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A common occurrence, especially if you are in a slower aircraft. Doubly irritating when they fly through you, causing your plane to quickly descend in flaming pieces while the AI continue unscathed. And if the following airplane doesn't overtake you, ATC will wait til you are gear down, flaps down, and 5kts above stall before telling you to go around so the AI can land first.


Some utilities, such as AISeparate, can help with this by keeping aircraft on approach farther apart.

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Thanks Nadlzfw: Yep' date=' it's not the "end of the world". I wonder if the same problem exists in FSX??:confused:[/quote']

Ya! That's where I is! That's why I wasn't sure about AISmooth compatibility with FS2004.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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