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National Virtual Airlines 4th Birthday! (Join Us Today!)


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National Virtual Airlines is announcing its 4th birthday approaching to the flight simulation community!


We are very pleased to be apart of the virtual airline community, as we grow in size we are looking to fill more and more pilot positions. We operate a fleet of three (3) main aircraft but we also charter other partner aircraft to complete the required mission.


Our Main Fleet:

747-400BCF (Cargo Only)

757-200 (Passenger & Combi models)

DC-8-71F (Cargo Only)


Some of our chartered partner aircraft you can fly:

777-200LRF (Cargo & Passenger)

737-700/800 (Passenger Service)

737-200 (Cargo & Combi)

A330-200 (Cargo & Passenger)

A320-214 (Passenger Charters)

Plus many more!


Please note these are chartered aircraft and not part of the official National Fleet.


We are the only VA on the internet to have a integrated system with the vUSAF on VATSIM. What this means is when a vUSAF pilot loads their acars program and the aircraft they have is damaged or needs supplies or repairs, they send us a cargo request and we must fly to the nearest military base where the parts/cargo are located, then load them and fly them to the pilots location where the parts/cargo are needed and their acars will update to allow them to then fly. (That's right! Their acars will not let them fly unless they have what they need.). They actually have to rely on us to keep them going.


We give away monthly $25 gift cards and FS addons to the pilot of the month. So your hard work and effort actually pays off! If your looking for a challenge we invite you to join us today and try your hand at landing in Antarctica at McMurdo Station during our yearly vUSAF mission assignment "Operation Deep Freeze".


We DO allow upto 8x simulation rate once your in cruse ONLY. We understand real world can get busy and we want to do what we can to help the pilots and members of National Virtual Airlines. We also have no CAT rating restrictions, THAT'S RIGHT! NONE!... We feel if you pay top dollar for a payware aircraft, you shouldn't have to be told you can't fly it until you have a set number of hours. If you pay for it, fly it at National Virtual Airlines!


God Bless!

National Virtual Airlines!



See you in the Sky!

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