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Is Wilco Airvus EVO-2 good?


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It is flyable?


minuses I know of:

(-) it has outdated VC visuals (I won't be shy calling it ugly).

(-) it is Wilco.

(-) it's systems/programming probably somewhat outdated too.


possible pluses (assumption):

(+) the original developer is Feelthere, they must have done some system programming that was to remain in EVO-2.


Bottom line, to make me help to take a decision:

Does it fly ok? Can it keep up to VNAV and go by the FMC program smoothly? I've read it flies poorly when in FMC-controlled modes but these comments date to 2011, nothing recent there on the web, it might have been patched since then...?


If it flies ok - I will buy and use it despite the minuses. If it flies bad - I will not.

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Does it fly OK? I'm not sure, I use Wilco panel + Project Airbus FDE, this combination has excellent hand-flying. IMO, this is the best Airbus FBW simulation available for FS9. I'm a 2D-saur, so I don't mind losing the VC.


Can it keep up to VNAV and go by the FMC program smoothly? For climbing, it's OK, but for descending, the answer is NO: TOD is badly calculated, descent rates are too high. It's better to stick to the old (3xFL/10) NM method, and start descending at 2500 fpm. I can live with that, this method has never failed me.


I purchased this bird in mid-2011, some time after the Evolution upgrade was released. So, what you've seen from 2011 still applies. The only "update" in all that time is a new installer for P3D. I stopped flying it because LNAV couldn't handle 16x time acceleration, only up to 8x, and sometimes not even that. Flight plan went crazy (not the AP).

Best regards,

Luis Hernández 20px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png20px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png

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Sure, as soon as they release it. And if it isn't too hard to convert their 330 to 340, we may see a 340 no sooner then 2018. (The A320 I have).

Anyway, I had Wilco 737-v2, CRJ-v2... I got rid of it all, even the ERJ v2 is no longer used. Knowing this business, I still went ahead and bought the A340 v2. The BBS Prologue is unflyable! Frustration and disaster. Today I flew this Wilco EVO and I'm pretty happy! (myself surprised).


-Ugly VC textures but good geometry. More important than horrible VC with good textures in BBS.

-FMC doesn't calculate speeds for STAR points but it sets the speeds based on flap settings.

-no throttle calibration and tail hook stuffie.

-VNAV descend was ok, minor inconvenience did exist.

-nice smooth landing, while BBS is unlandble.

All it needs is a VC repaint, there is a guy who may eventually do it... sooner then there's A340 by Aerosoft.

Ok so once a month/two when I really want an A340 I will fly the Wilco. Although I would not want anyway pay Wilco for it, Wilco made too much geshaft on products that worth 30% of what they want.


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