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Plane bounching up N down at high sim rate


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Hi there,


i got myself a copy of FSX SE and i'm on a long haul EHAM > KGSO


when it have simrate at 4x it's all ok but when i try to go to simrate 8x the plane starts to bounce up N down and the throttle starts to respond to the bouncing. at 16x it gets so heavy that my IFR gets canceled..


Why is it doing this? i'm on auto pilot so it should just stay at the height i put in the auto pilot..


greetings Steve

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i see there's another tread for this , which didn't show up on initial search :



Still , the AP should , also be rated up when going over x4 rate ??


And why can't the flight finder not come up with a route kinda like direct GPS

if i do a find route from EHAM to KGSO , it wants me to fly to afrika first before it tries to go over the atlantic..

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1) I think it occurs because the autopilot doesn't control quicker, when the simulation rate is turned up. So oscillations occur. I imagine trying to fly the plane at 16x speed would be a handful too.


2) FSX isn't great on longer routes, I'd recommend something like vroute.info which is another separate application (there's lots of others too) which can work out, and/or has a database of, real world routes. For anything a bit shorter eg up to about 400 miles, VOR to VOR, low altitude or high altitude airways seems to be okay when FSX finds the route.

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And why can't the flight finder not come up with a route kinda like direct GPS

If that's what you're looking for, why not use the GPS "direct to" route? If you want something "like" something else, why not use the original?

Mr. Munro's new GPS has a great "direct to" feature. There are also Great Circle route finders, the famous Plan G, who knows how many ways to set up a flight plan you can use, selecting your own way to get from A-B, especially if you want to use points C,D,E...etc on the way.

Not overly helpful, buuuut...


The Autopilot uses PID controllers, which are notorious for not being able to handle such an accelerated sim rate. If a PID controller is written properly, yes, but these are old, and not written for such things. And, as mentioned, apparently the AP doesn't speed up when the sim rate does, so the PID controllers are working at 1X while the plane is flying at 8 or 16X. Can you see where the disparity might creep in?

Again, not overly useful. Sorry...



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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Just curious, why are you flying AP at 8X? Are you trying to build up your flight hours?


If you want to get your plane someplace fast just slew it to the coordinates you want.


I do that all the time, as on longer flights, sometimes I don't have the time to do it in real time.

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