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Innsbruck airport Parking problem


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Hi I have Traffic 360 & GSX normally they work very well together but everytime I want to park at Innsbruck airport I get South parking LOWI

OK but then GSX tells me I have to go to parking which is hellicopter landing JFLI in Traffic 360 it has priority before LOWI

does somebody know how I get my planes to park with GSX in the South parking.

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I own 360 but not GSX so my reply is based on problems (and their resolutions) that I have encountered with 360 and other sceneries.


What I have found over a number of years using 360 that it predominately uses its own 'mirror' versions of default airports runway/taxiway layouts only (ie doesn't include building objects) and these are located within the FSX\JustFlight\Traffic360\AirportFacilities\scenery folder to dictate taxi paths and parking spaces. In many cases the 360 scenery include extra parking spaces not included in the default FSX scenery. This can affect how FSX handles AI traffic in default and some 3rd party scenery producing the problem you are experiencing. It is also common to see in 3rd party scenery AI aircraft taking paths that are not present, this is because is not uncommon for the default scenery to be incorrectly located or, more usually, to have a very basic and incorrect taxiway/parking layouts.


It also worth noting that 360 does not always use the designated ICAO code, especially for many military bases and smaller airfields or when they have added, as I believe is the scenario in this case, additional parking not present in the default FSX scenery. For example RAF Coningsby is listed as JFXC in 360 (viz EGXC).


There are number of options available. The results from applying one or all of the options will vary and is very dependant on whether the affected scenery is default or 3rd party.


Option 1: Check which utility has priority in your scenery config listing. 360 is listed in the listing as Traffic 360 Airport Facilities. I recommend that this entry be placed below the GSX entry and that both entries be placed as far down the list as possible, ideally just above the FSX default scenery entries. This should minimise errors and allow 3rd party scenery to have priority over 360.


Option 2: Remove (backup) the JFLI file from the FSX\JustFlight\Traffic360\AirportFacilities\scenery folder. This will remove the landing spot from the scenery and should eliminate the problem. This option will only affect this one parking slot if using default scenery and may well result in the loss of 360 Helo AI traffic to the airport. It may also affect any other 3rd party traffic files you have installed that sends Helo traffic to the airport. It should not affect any 3rd party scenery.


Option 3: Remove (backup) the LOWI file from the FSX\JustFlight\Traffic360\AirportFacilities\scenery folder. This will remove the 360 version of the scenery. This will not cause any major problems in how 360 AI objects will use the scenery as loaded by FSX. However, it may affect the overall number of parking spaces available if using the default scenery which, in turn, may result in AI traffic landing but having no where to park - they will simply taxi off the runway and wait before timing out and disappearing. However, this is only likely to happen on rare occasions and at peak times. This option will not affect any 3rd party scenery.


My recommendations:


Apply Option 1 as a standard default practice irrespective of the type of scenery used.


Default scenery:


Try Option 2 first. If the problem persists then also do Option 3


3rd party scenery:


Apply both options 2 and 3.




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Hi celtic,


No bother at all,


I assume you are talking about the contents of the 360 Airports Facilities folder.


It is not the individual AFX bgl that you are moving down the list as it is the whole contents of the folder that is enabled within the FSX Scenery settings,


The easiest solution normally would be to simply rename the file (from AFX_JFLI.bgl to AFX_JFLI_copy.bgl for example) which should force the file to be ignored. However, experience has taught me that, for some reason, 360 still recognises the file and tries to load traffic for it which then causes FSX to crash - the faulting module identified in the crash is always the BglAnalyser.dll - a 360 file. Therefore, the simplest solution is to remove the file. I have done this for over 80 separate 360 files with no problems or 360 induced FSX crashes.


Apologies in advance if I am teaching you to suck eggs with some of these instruction - here is what you need to do:


Removing AFX file(s) from the 360 Airports Facilities Folder:


1. Create a folder outside FSX and call it something like FSX Deleted Files Backup. If desired, create a subfolder called something like Traffic 360 Files


(Note: this is my preferred way of doing things as I have installed a load of the 3rd party packages from various sources, including MAIW which has numerous packages, some of which updates AFCADS from previous packages and therefore I have separate folders within my backup folder to keep deleted items apart. It is always good practice to backup any file you remove from FSX - in this way as it gives you a copy to put back in place if its removal causes a problem - not likely in this case but if you are going to add other 3rd party scenery on a regular basis some authors will have you removing files from default FSX locations which can sometimes cause problems).


2. Simply find the required entry, right click on it and select CUT from the resulting menu. Then navigate to backup folder, right click and select PASTE.




IF you are actually referring to the location of the 360 folder in the scenery listing and how to move it down the list do this:


1. Start FSX

2. When the splash screen is displayed click on the settings option located at the bottom of the list displayed on the left hand side.

3. On the settings screen click on Scenery Library button located at the bottom of the list at the right hand side.

4. On the Settings - Scenery Library window scroll down the list until you find the Traffic 360 Airport Facilities entry. Left click ONCE on the entry itself (IE NOT ON THE SQUARE WITH THE TICK IN IT) and then click on the move down button to move it down the list until it is above the first default FSX entry. The first default FSX scenery entry that you come across will depend on what version of FSX you have - in Acceleration (which I have) it is Edwards_AFB. In other versions I believe its Addon Scenery.




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Hi Colin,


First, there is no need to feel embarrassed about asking for help, either from me or any other member of the forum. Asking for help is the first, and most important, step in resolving an issue you don't understand - we have all been there at some stage during our time simming.


WRT to the problem - can you confirm the following plse:


1. Scenery used - is it default or 3rd party? If 3rd party is it freeware or payware?

2. WRT to the screenshots provided - As stated I don't use GSX but have had a quick look the product home page to get a handle on how it works. The 1st and 2nd screenshots shows what I presume to be its integrated version of the ATC window - what options appear when you use the default FSX window. The 3rd screenshot is correct - I have found that any deleted airports still show here. The reason is because 360 still uses a file that contains an entry for the removed item. However, the only way to totally remove the item from the list requires a user to have the FSX Software Developer Kit (SDK) installed and to use the included SDK Traffic Toolbox to generate a new Airports list in a specific format that can then be imported into 360. The way 360 internal traffic controller works any scheduled flights to deleted 360 specific airports files (like JFLI) do not show in FSX and any flights to 360 version of default airports (like LOWI) will show but use the default layout.

3. Can you confirm, WRT to my earlier post at #2 what actions you have down regarding deleting - ie only JFLI, only LOWI or both.

4. Have you done a flight into LOWI since the removal - if so what is different about the taxi instruction given now from before and when going to the assigned parking does it follow taxiways etc.


Can you try a flight to LOWW which has a similar 360 setup (JFLW is the corresponding Helo pad) and see if taxing there throws up the same issue


When I get time - probably at the weekend - I will download the demo of GSX and have a play around to get a better understanding of the product.




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