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VSKYLABS Motored Hang Glider project

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I'm working now on the first addition to the package, which is a conversion of the Trike S-1 into a floater version.


This is a challenge as it changes the weight shifting balance and the tendency of tumbling (I found the tumbling pretty much similar to what happens in the real hang-glider world, and I give a lot of (additional!) respect to X-Plane's physics engine.


This version of the S-1 will probably be ready in a week or two, and then we go to the next item: The trike-buggy.


Here are two screenshots of the S-1 floater version. (It will be painted in a different color scheme than the S-1).




TRIKE SF1 DEMO1 1024 001.jpg


TRIKE SF1 DEMO1 1024 002.jpg

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