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INS on CS 727 v.2700 ?


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The new version 2700 now has a basic INS the same as one on the 1011, but how do you engage the INS mode?


I know how to set it up (I fly 1011 with it), and I see it giving me the right readings/miles progressing from waypoint to waypoint but there is no hold. The 1011 has INS+NAV buttons and 727 has only the NAV hold, there is no INS/FMS engage switch unless I don't see it.

I see a GPS switch (NAV/GPS) - is that it??? That switch will hold the GPS path, but then the whole idea of having the INS is useless. Please explain.


Some forums - PMDG, iFly, Coolsky I do refer to, others like CS are totally dead so I have to ask on here.

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The autopilot panel has a switch, a, b, or ab. Switch to ab to have the heading bug follow the INS.


Thanks! will try tonight with another flight.

Second question I planned to ask after the above is resolved: how to I copy this INS to a 737?

I tried copying the INS section from 727 to 737 panel.cfg, the panel bitmap does appear but it doesn't function. There is a on/off switch I can rotate, but the electronic displays are inactive-black.

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Ok it works alright. I found a pretty cockpit repaint more pleasant than original worn out one (CS does it toooo worn-out and "abused" by pilots who must really hate their job...) With this repaint and the INS the 727 is really awesome.

Interestingly the older 707 looks less "abused" than the 757/767.


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