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Doubt between CH and Saitek


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Hi: I like to fly the Comanche Turbin Duke where I need a Condition lever / Propeller lever and Power lever. I would like to buy a throttle and have doubts between the Saitek three lever Pro Throttle Quadrant (P245) and the CH Products Thottle Quadrant. Would any of these two be adecuate to the three lever I need with the Turbin Duke. And what about quality?

Thanks, kiri

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If you only need three levers, then the Saitek. Quality wise they are pretty similar, but different in configuration. CH TQ is built with levers travelling "horizontally", whereas Saitek start parallel to your desk and move upwards and forwards (look at the product pictures, you'll see what I mean). The distance you get to push the Saitek levers is a lot longer (19 cm instead of 11 on the CH) so it feels more precise than CH.


I have both those products for different purposes. The CHs are mounted in my home built center console like in an airliner (two of them set at an angle to get up to four individual reversers). For the Saitek TQ I built a small wooden case where it sits at an angle 45° so the levers travel "horizontally" too. This is important to me, as my TQ are not mounted on the desk but to my side, and it would be very awkward to try to grab the Saitek at its lowest position and push it up. If you mount the TQ on the desk however, then the Saitek is better (IMHO).


The Saitek "reverser detent" seems more solid to push the lever into and it is handled by the controller as if you pushed a button. The reverser detent on the CH is a lot softer but it is rather an extension to the axis sending different values- it was a bit of a handful to set up correctly in FSUIPC.


So bottom line, I would tend to buy the Saitek if I had to make a choice again.

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