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Recently I've been trying to update my WOAI aircraft and flight plans. Recently I downloaded a repaint of the UTT 787-800 for American Airlines and put it in a existing file 'C:\FS2004\Aircraft\WoA_UTT_B787-800' and edit the aircraft.cfg file and added the texture to it.. After doing that I edited the flight plan and aircraft file on ttools and replaced some of the JFK-LAX routes with the 787. I cannot seem to get it to work. Am I missing a step?






Please let me know if there is a tutorial for this. Also, where can I find flight plans for certain aircrafts?

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i have flight simulator x acceleration edition and world of ai as my ai traffic.

i recently edited Korean air and Hainan airlines AI flight plan.

i just included the utt 787-800 and 900 series and the textures but theydo not appear when i load fsx.

only the tail section has the livery on it, and the fuselage on the Hainan airlines is black (no texture), and on Korean air the 787 fuselage is transparent with only the tail livery showing.

i have this problem with certain UTT AI 787 Livery


can someone please explain why is this

i have American airlines, ANA, JAL, United airlines, Aeromexico, air Canada, air india, asiana airlines, Lan chile, Ethiopian airlines etc and those textures are just fine.

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