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FSX graphics - More realistic view from flightlevel on to the ground


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Hello Simmers.


Is there anything what can make the look from flightlevel (30 000ft +) down more realistic (any software or any setting?)

I will try to explain what I mean. If you are in real plane and you can see ground (especially cities) you can see them very well "3D" but in FSX from certain altitude they are just flat like you see in these 2 screenshots. Even in payware dubai scenery you can see that the city itself is flat only few buildings on the right are "modeled"


This is Dubai rebooted from Fly Tampa (payware)



This is freeware one of the larger cities in Brazil (it really does not matter where the city is)



I would like to get something "like this"



I Would like to get at least small feeling that I fly over big city like New York, Chicago, London, Paris etc. not over 2D flat paper.


Can I do anything about it or this is the way how the FSX behave that at certain altitude it's clearing the autogen and scenery and provides only these flat sceneries/surfaces?


Thank you for your ideas :)

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I haven't got Fly Tampa's Dubai payware so I can't do a comparison screenshot, and I don't know what your South American city is, so I can't do a comparison shot for that either.

But below are some shots I just took over New York with the default FSX scenery, see if your New York looks like this.

The Global Resolution texture,Level of detail radius, Scenery complexity and Autogen density sliders are all at maximum, and I also set Visibility to Unlimited to get rid of most haze-


30,000 feet




15,000 feet




5,000 feet




2,000 feet


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Yes it looks like yours. As you can see the lower you go the more textures/autogen/objects etc fsx will "load" but from the cruising altitude above 30 000 you can see the skyscrapers only, because they are modeled separatedly like individual objects like Eiffel tower or like golden gate bridge in San Francisco.


BUT I'am talking about the flat area between these 2 areas of "skyscrapers" as you can see it in the first picture you've taken. The same about the areas on the left and on the right from the Manhattan.

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