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help with scenery required

Doctor Andy

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The scenery was okay before I reinstalled.


OK, I saw your post about it being default scenery. So it's now loading a totally different airport than before? Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Interesting...I have no LBIA for Leeds Bradford, just EGNM. Musta been a code change somewhere??

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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..when in free flight and I change the departure airport to my home one (LBIA)..


There's a Laughlin-Bullhead International Airport (LBIA) in Arizona-



and there's a Leeds-Bradford (EGNM) in the United Kingdom, make sure you're not getting them mixed..:)


PS- instead of going cross-eyed searching for names in the "Go to Airport' listings, try simply opening the map and dragging the plane icon to the airport you want

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There's a Laughlin-Bullhead International Airport (LBIA) in Arizona

I used to live a couple hours from there, unfortunately. My wife knows some high muckty-muck, I think in their Sheriff's Dept, there too.

Kinda a nice escape from Yuma, once in a while, at least.

Sorry, I am drifting off topic. I be hush now...



Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!

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All FSX default scenery and airports are just approximate and will never look exactly like the real thing, so we have to use addon scenery and airports to make them realistic.

PS- I just googled 'fsx leeds bradford' and a bunch of hits came up, not sure if they're freeware or payware but do the same and rummage through them to find one you like..:)

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I had to reinstall my FSX. However, when in free flight and I change the departure airport to my home one (LBIA), once the program loads up the scenery is not that of my home airport. Could someone kindly give me a tip to resolve this problem.


"Sorry Leeds Bradford often goes by the abbreviation as LBIA, but yes it is EGNM. The scenery that loads up is not that of EGNM."


The actual IATA identifier for EGNM is "LBA". I'm not sure how "LBIA" could actually work.




Have you tried to start a flight after selecting "EGNM"? Or have you only been trying to start your flight selecting "LBIA"?


Another question, did you install an add-on for EGNM previously? It could be possible for the developer to identify the airport for their purposes to be "LBIA" instead of "EGNM".


FSX, for the purposes of selecting an airport, uses "ICAO" identifiers for the airport to be used. Not the "IATA" identifier. So, if "LBIA" worked before, something was modified to re-identify "EGNM" to become "LBIA".


When I select "LBIA" in FSX, "LBPD" is the airport that it finds and loads. This airport is in Bulgaria. The same thing happens when launch a flight and re-select "LBIA".




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