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Help with AA and filtering on AMD card.


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Hi all, I have recently gone from Nvidia to AMD. I used to use Nvidia Inspector to control my AA in FSX and it was great! worked perfectly and eased CPU burden. But now on AMD I don't have Nvidia Inspector. Can someone please tell me, either the best settings to use in-game or indeed if there is a program similar to inspector that will help? At the moment I am using Antopic filtering in game and AA ticked. It looks OK but don't think it looks as good as it used to with inspector. Also I've noticed from my temps that my GPU i hardly being used at all now.
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I've used Nvidia cards for years without Inspector and got on fine.

I know zilch about AMD cards but for the record here's how my FSX default scenery looks with Nvidia with the Trilinear and Anisotropic settings selected and it looks ok, so if your AMD looks like this too I wouldn't worry too much





Below- just play around with the Resolution/ Filtering/ Anti-aliasing settings til you find the magic formula that suits your card and PC-


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well I have played around with settings in game, and the best seems to be ansiotropic with AA ticked. however its still not nearly as good as I got with inspector. quite bad Aliasing on the aircraft and runway edges. Just look at the belly of the aircraft.





I will look into catalyst but im nervous because I believe that changes the card for all games and programs not just FSX like inspector did.


Image above doesnt do it justice. image is softer than ingame. Much more jaggy in game.

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