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Citylink va news 03 jan 2015


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At first we at Citylink-va would like to express our best wishes to you for 2016. Good health and happiness.

Secondly would w like to update you on what is going on in Citylink-va.com.



BAE J100

Our hubs

Changing the fleet

Schedules more realistic




We are extending our fleet, by adding the RJ100 to it. We call it the connector. As it connects all of our hubs.

Due to our structure and plane choice have we decided to introduce more hubs in Europe.

Our fleet consists so far ofPC12, Twinotters and Fokker 50 for our passengerservice, and a couple of BAE 146-300 for our Cargo service.

These planes limit a bit our range. And therefor we need a so called connector.



We have choosen the Qualitywings BAE RJ for our fleet. And even though you could do Amsterdam to Malaga in 2,5 hours, did we choose the RJ. Which takes it up to 3 hours 15 minutes.

Well yeahm that is our long distance flight.


Our hubs

Our hubs consist of Maastricht-Aachen Airport (EHBK), as our company headquarters, Rotterdam (EHRD) for serving the west of the Netherlands and Cologne (EDDK) as our main Cargo hub.

In the future will we add:

  • Liverpool (UK)
  • Bergen (Norway)
  • Basel-Mulhouse (Switzerland/France)
  • Genoa (Norther Italy)
  • Malaga (South of Spain)
  • Bilbao (North of Spain as our Cargo hub)



Changing the fleet

Next to introducing the RJ100 are we going to change our fleet a bit.

Until now have we been using the PAOB Fokker 50. With some additions is this plane a nice one, but it looks a bit dated.

The staff of Citylink-va has expressed that they would like to change some planes in a more quality plane.

We will slowly replace our Fokker 50 fleet by Majestics Q400.

In time will we also add a smaller, bushflying plane tot he fleet.

Despite the Aerosoft Twinotter is very capable bushplane on its own, but it sometimes feels like a Jumbo Jet on a small airport.

As we as staff also expressed that we wanted to offer more bushflying we also found out that smaller planes are better.

Therefor have we choosen the Alabeo C207.

This plane will connect the German wadden islands to Wilhelmshaven. And the Dutch wadden islands to Groningen.

We are not sure if the Caravan will return, or a Kodiak will be added on other airstrips.


Schedules more realistic

We also have been looking at our schedules. Though some where historically a good trip (over 2 hours) as the only bigger plane we had was the Twinotter.

But by now having a Fokker or Dash8, we came to the conclusion that it is better to do those trips on the bigger planes on some some bigger airports.

In short we are becoming more realistic. One example is flying with the Twinotter from Maastricht and Rotterdam to Wilhelmshaven.

Now we plan a Q400 from Maastricht to Bremen. From there a Twinotter flies to Wilhelmshaven, or Sylt. And from Wilhelmshavenf flies the C207 to the islands. Nice and easy VFR flights. For those who like that.


Round up

If you like to fly in western Europe and like STOL planes I guess we are the place to be.

Visit us at http://www.citylink-va.com and see if a signup is something for you.


That is it, for now.

Keep the blue up and happy flying.


RobB. President of Citylink-va.com

http://www.citylink-va.com FSX - Twinotter - Fokker 50/60 - PC-12 - QW RJ85
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