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Out Of Memory in FSX???


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I run both P3D and know of the OOM issues in P3D. HOWEVER, now I am getting it in FSXSE! I purchased a lot of planes during the sales, and have been experiencing a lot more OOM's in P3D however, it was ONLY on the Milviz products. These were made specifically for P3D too. So, I had purchased some for FSX and decided to give FSXSE a try today. With the F4 Phantom...I got 10 minutes and "OOM" ! I never get OOM's in FSX? Is there some trick or something with Milviz to not get these?
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Sorry, yes, that would have helped. Windows 7 i7 2.8 gig , 64 bit operating system, Nvidea GTX 650 Ti boost, RAM is 8 gig... I will try with the settings down. Thing is as far as FSX SE goes, I bought it adn kept it updated via Steam when it first came out. Thats what, maybe 2 years or more. Never had a problem with the current settings. Only when I got the Milviz plane. I always take advantage of the sales , so I have pretty close to every plane on the Pilot Shop, except PMDG. SO, this is the first time I have seen this problem.
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The bottom line is there is only so much even a great hardware setup can do with FSX. The more you add, the tougher it gets for your computer to keep up with it all. So the lower your sliders have to go to compensate.


I'm not familiar with the Milviz product. But it appears it may be more hardware intensive than others. I usually avoid flying planes that are too hardware intensive so I can concentrate on scenery.


Sadly, we all have to make decisions as to which compromises we are willing to make at some point.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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Ok...Thanks Guys.....dropped the settings and made a flight from San Diego to Alaska with no problems. Never had this problem with any other plane. None of them have ever caused the issue. But , apparently this one does! At least I can now use it. Time to try the same thing with the F4. The 737 had caused it as well as the F4. I was most surprised by the F4 because it happened so fast. No pun intended.
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The scenery plays a large part too. And how much is loaded into the sim will effect VAS

even if you don't fly there. Photo scenery can take a huge hit if there are loads of

textures. If one has loads and loads of add on scenery installed, that's gonna take a large

part of the VAS. That's why some only load what they are actually going to fly over if

they fly VAS hungry airplanes.

Myself, I can fly the 737NGX and FTX global and vector at max settings and not OOM

anywhere I go. But.. if I started adding more.. It might get ugly... I can use process

explorer to watch what I'm using. It can be handy to check how much VAS you are

using on startup, how much it increases with more complex planes, long flights, etc..

The PMDG 777 uses a good bit, and many that fly long haul will reload about halfway

just to make sure they don't go OOM right before landing. I assume most that do that

run dense scenery and get VAS creep the farther they fly..

And supposedly SE handles VAS better than box FSX. I have both, but I still run box FSX

Gold most of the time.

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