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VCVW11-Virtual Military Organization-2015 comes to an end


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Greetings all!


It has been a wonderful year at the VCVW-11. We appreciate the forum admin for letting us use this forum for recruiting purposes as without them, we wouldn't exist. It has been a very productive year and having said that we would like to share a video with the virtual community. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride.



Visit us at http://www.vcvw-11.net




The VCVW-11 was reestablished to emulate the REAL CVW-11 in a controlled multiplayer environment to patrol and maintain virtual security in the Pacific Rim. Originally established in 2004, the group’s main platform was JANE’S F/A-18 Flight Simulator.® The Eleventh now supports Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition®, along with Vertical Reality Simulations’ (VRS) TacPack®, VRS Superbug®, and FSX@WAR.




The VCVW-11 mission is to plan and present forward presence and contingency operations with the integration of seven carrier air wing squadrons to conduct; offensive and defensive counter air, interdiction, direct action, suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD), and maritime power projection in all weather and combat conditions to establish and maintain areas of operation dominance. Through airborne early warning, electronic warfare, aerial reconnaissance, signals intelligence, and air refueling operations for naval and joint operations, the VCVW-11 does it all.




Virtual Carrier Air Wing ELEVEN operates the Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet which is a twin-engine, carrier-capable, multirole combat aircraft based on the legacy McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet. The F/A-18E has an internal 20mm M61A2 rotary cannon and can carry air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface munitions. Additional fuel can be carried in up to five external fuel tanks and the aircraft can also be configured as an airborne tanker by adding an external air refueling system, enabling the VCVW-11 to fly at the fullest capabilities of the Super Hornet.




The VCVW-11 provides her members with superior leadership and training, enabling the virtual aviator to hone their skills and master the flight dynamics the Super Hornet has to offer. When not training, the carrier air wing deploys as a carrier strike group to employ its skills and validate everything we’ve learned. This virtual wing promotes a "RELAXED" environment, and it is entirely up to the virtual aviator to establish and apply themselves within our wing - meaning all of our virtual aviators are ACTIVE and not weighed down by inactive members. We house members from all demographics and age groups with varying levels of experience, so rest assured, if you thought you knew everything, we may teach you a few new tricks.




If you’re tired of other virtual organizations and not getting the response you'd like, retire from there and come join our ranks and be amongst the BEST virtual combat pilots on the internet.

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