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DXTBmp mip Question.


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I have been using DXTBmp to open textures to modify using paint.net.


I have read the DXTBmp tutorial, and searched this and other forums for a little advice, but cannot answer my questions.


1) When I open DXTBmp, on the right side is a box for 'Mipmaps'. Both "Include when saving" or "Use 16 bit dither" are unchecked. Is this correct?


2) The Scaling Filter is set to "Point" and the Processing applied is set to "Mean Removal". Are these correct defaults, and if not, when should I change to another of the long list of options?


I'm only doing minor modifications, nothing big or critical, so if these settings are OK, I'll just leave them.



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If you are not including mips is matters not what the other settings are.


For user aircraft textures it is recommended to not include mips.


Leave 'em where they are.



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