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PIC737 Evolution problem


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I am flying PIC737 Evolution with new PC. Flying into Heathrow, my airliner intercepts the

glideslope on final, but descent doesn’t begin. I press APP, but A & B autopilots will not

engage together. So no descent. Here’s a couple of pictures showing the

instrument settings. Can anyone help.

Peter Sydney Australia

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Usual, ensure you are below glideslope, and ensure bith NAV radios are tuned to the ILS. It needs both to work. Never tried an autoland, only ILS.
Intel 4790k@ 4.6 1.223V Gigabyte GAZ87X-UD3H, Gigabyte GTX 680 2Gig GPU, 8 Gig Cas 11 2100 Mhz ram, Win 7 64 Bit
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Any ideas?


It is a drekish product, why not go with PMFG or iFly 737 instead?

Wilco's autopilot/avionics freezes for durations of 10-15 seconds and you can't do anything about it, if this happens on final - the flight is wasted. May be your problem is due to that. Normally the FMS inputs the right NAV frequencies except for the ILS (speaking od 737), the ils you enter to the pedestal radio.

I had couple flights with Wilco and uninstalled it.

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On the FMC in the PMDG NGX which is the best....it really is....there is a place on the FMC you can click which is DP/AR ....click on that and then whichever you want will show you the runways available at the airport you are either leaving from or going to....it is that simple....good luck....al v but as for your "PIC ".... I do not know as I only fly the PMDG aircraft but I think most FMCs are very similar.......LOL>..al v
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Thx Alv,

I found the DP/AR on the FMC/ clicked LFPG runway & arrival clicked 27L & Entered.

Tomorrow, I'll do a flight & see what happens. I'll let you know whether

autoland intercepts the glideslope. I'll do the DP/AR thing when I'm planning the

route on the FMC.

Thx! For your kind help.


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