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Dee Waldron DHC-6


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Does anyone have the Dee Waldron DHC-6 Twin Otter base aircraft they could package up and send to me? I have a Frontier re-paint for it, but my searches do not turn up the base model.


Any help would be appreciated!


And, Merry Christmas!





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ize: 689,751 Date: 07-24-2010 Downloads: 283



faq1.gif FS2004 Frontier DeHavilland DHC-6, circa 1975. Frontier Airlines Twin Otter, circa 1975, for AI traffic. A repaint of Dee Waldron's DHC6. Flight plans for Frontier Airlines, 1975 available at RetroAI. Repaint


This is the model I'm looking for. I have this repaint, but not the original aircraft. I guess I could mess with it and make it flyable, but would prefer to just add the textures to the original.


Thanks, guys.

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