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Better late than never.


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Hi:( FSX Steam) I have realized that the impact on FPS is very related to the airplane you are flying. So FS settings will then compensate that impact of the plane on FPS. So my decition would be related to: 1. Have a good airplane with all the details and "electronics" i love but a poor scennery or 2. Fly a not so good airplane somehow "average" and have a good and detaild scenery. Yes...I know, I can have both if I purchase the NASA computer. But Im not a millonaire. Example: with FPS settings at max. and on Miami airport if I choose a simple small aircraft that comes with FS Im getting 60 plus FPS. If I then put on the same airport the A2A Comanche, which I love, I have 25/30 FPS. Yes, I know may be its obvious and not new, but is my experience...better late than never.


Thanks for any comments on the matter that would help.

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Keep in mind that most would kill for 25/30 FPS using payware aircraft/sceneries. A smooth running Sim far outweighs super high frame rates.


I don't worry about frame rates anymore. I've set my max at 30fps. That's as fast as most people can tell the difference anyway. I agree with Mr Zippy I'm much happier with a smooth running 30fps than I ever was chasing numbers! Enjoy what you have, it sounds nice.

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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